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Abbey Rhoads may have finally accepted hunky handyman Max Edison as her boyfriend, but the ex-FBI Forensics Profiler and now college professor refuses to believe her new best friend, Sunny, is a killer.  The police think Sunny has something to do with her much detested next door neighbor turning up dead. The two had an ongoing feud the whole town talked about, after all, and Sunny herself had said publicly how she wished the purple house painting woman would just drop dead.

But Abbey notices a recent trend of supposedly accidental poisonings, overlooked as not all are fatal and caused by common toxic plants. She suspects it’s much more than a coincidence the town and the nearby Canadian city of Victoria share.

While Abbey knows she should be working harder on her romance with Max, she also knows she can’t stand by while a serial poisoner continues to sicken and kill people in two countries – and is it her fault the investigation comes conveniently when Max wants to talk about a more serious commitment and she wants to avoid just such a conversation at all costs?

                                              ***Coming 2016***


      “You think it could be someone we know.” Max’s shoulders were rigid, his skillful hands fisted at his sides.
     “The UNSUB could be.” 
     “The Unknown Subject, Max.” She shook her head. “I need more information. I can’t draw too many conclusions based on my information so far.”
     Sergeant Cross snorted and received a sharp glare from his partner.
     “Hey, I know FBI agents are supposed to be good but what the hell could she already know given what little we’ve said? Seriously, how can she know more that we do?” He gave her a careless shrug. “No offense, ma’am.”
     She ignored the frowns from the other two men and smiled politely at Cross.
     “No offense taken, Sergeant Cross.” She turned back to Sergeant Pepper. “The UNSUB is a male, roughly between the ages of twenty-seven and forty, has the same nondescript job and life that he’s had for years and is an organized killer. More than likely he doesn’t have many close personal relationships but could live with or near an emotionally and/or physically dependent relative. He could very well have had some minor brushes with the law, perhaps juvenile offenses for arson, but probably nothing in recent years.”
     It really was unprofessional to show off, but she couldn’t help it, given Cecil’s sarcastic attitude.
     “The blood and or body of the real estate agent was found in the bathtub of the house? And the cuts on the victims are all fairly clean and controlled?”

     Pepper nodded rapidly, his eyes wide. “How’d you know?”

 An Abbey Rhoads (slightly humorous) Thriller Series


"TWO LEFT FEET is a sexy, funny, deliciously scary thriller from the talented Lori Lyn.  Full of unexpected twists and turns, this skillfully-crafted nail-biter will leave you breathless.  FBI forensic expert, Abby Rhoads and construction contractor, Max Edison, are a seemingly mismatched couple, but the chemistry between them is delightfully steamy. Together, they must solve a series of bizarre, gruesome killings.  Lori Lyn has delivered a clever, compelling page-turner full of romance and pulse-pounding suspense." 

                   ~ Kevin O'Brien,

                      New York Times Bestselling Author of

                      TELL ME YOU'RE SORRY.

"Lori Lyn transports readers to the beautiful town of Port Angeles in this fabulous romantic suspense. I've been lucky enough to visit this lovely place and I swear with every word I was there yet again. I felt an instant connection with Abbey Rhoads and I admired her bravery for starting life over, alone and in a strange place. I was happy to see that she wasn't so young but rather mature and yet she still had her flaws. That she was far from perfect made it all the easier for me to feel invested in her and the hunt for the killer. Max was as easy to admire and I loved watching them dance around one another. I loved being able to follow along the investigation and feel thoroughly involved. I was fascinated with ever piece of evidence every second of the process and especially with every new twist or revelation. I enjoyed the feeling I get with a cozy mystery as I read this but the suspense and storyline had an added seriousness that I found fascinating. The relationships in this story were so authentic, I loved how everyone interacted with one another and that small town dynamics had so much influence on the personal and professional connections. If you are looking for a solid suspense I highly recommend you pick this one up.

Abbey Rhoads decides to retire from the FBI and move to the Pacific Northwest looking to have a life instead of just a career however before she even has time to settle in to her new job a serial killer threatens her adoptive home and she uses her forensic profiling skills to help the local law. As the number of victims climbs Abbey finds herself becoming attached to the case, her neighbors and especially her handyman but will the killer take everything from her?"  ~  Pauline Michael, NOR


 Having two left feet may be the only thing keeping you alive in this town.

 A serial killer is targeting residents of Port Angeles, the Mayberry equivalent of the Pacific Northwest, and leaving the corpses missing their right feet. Baffled local police seek the help of newly-retired FBI Forensic Profiler Abbey Rhoads. Despite hoping to distance herself from her prior career based in death, East Coast transplant Abbey welcomes the distraction from the hell of creating lesson plans for her new job - teaching snarky twenty-somethings’ at the local college - and from arguing with her sexy yet extremely opinionated home-renovation contractor, Max Edison. But her skills are put to the ultimate test when the bodies continue to pile up and one of them is the proven killer of the first six victims.

Now Abbey must figure out who has taken over for the dead murderer, while also figuring out how to fit into a small town, what the difference is between dating and just having sex, the bizarre thing called fashion, which precludes her from wearing any polyester for some strange reason, and finding where on earth she can get a serving of decent chili-cheese fries.