Award Winning Author


Book #2 in the True To The Heart Series,

A (slightly scandalous) Regency Series

Spring 2017 Release

      A man who won’t marry, a woman who must, and the betrothal contract between them. What happens next?    


     Lord Whitmore Langley, a “mere Viscount”, is a man quite pleased with his life – he has no obligations and wants none. His existence is simple and carefree, just as he planned it.

     However, when an fragile waif from his childhood arrives at his bachelor townhome, waving what she claims to be a betrothal contact between them, Whit finds himself quite out to sea. A confirmed bachelor, he knows not what to do with a virginal beauty he cannot seduce without planning to wed.

     No matter how tempted he is.  

     Justine St. Claire is a woman in danger. It’s horrendous enough her step-brother most likely murdered her father, has taken control of her recently deceased father’s estate, and sold her to a despicable neighboring lord - but he’s also abusing her faithful staff who are the only family she now has. In her desperation to find help before she must wed the ancient neighbor, she decides to pursue a 20 year old joke between friends and seek aid from a man she hasn’t seen since she was a child.

     Will he be the hero she needs  - or the buffoon she recalls?