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"A winsome, light-hearted regency romp." ~ Stella Cameron, NY Times Best Seller

"The Archery Contest is one the most entertaining stories I've read in a while. I love historical romance but Ms. Lyn has added something special to this one. The hero and heroine are fascinating and intriguing characters. It's a game of cat and mouse, but who's the cat and who's the mouse changes throughout the book." ~ Emma, Night Owl Review,

"An audacious miss aims Cupid's arrow straight into the heart of a wary lord! A fun, frothy romp!" ~ Judith Laik, Author of The Lady Is Mine

"(The) Archery Contest presents two wonderful and charming characters in this intriguing romance novel." ~ Fraincine Alli, reviewer at The Jeep Diva

"Loved, loved, loved this romance! The old adage 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall' definitely fits this couple. Willy is an absolute riot and a very determined young lady. This book rates right up there with some of my favorite books by Catherine Coulter, Jude Deveraux, and Johanna Lindsey." ~ Amazon Review   

Book #3 in the True To The Heart,

A (slightly scandalous) Regency Series

The Archery Contest

Her sites are set.

Will the arrow hit the mark?

     Alexander Fitzhugh is a bear of a man, quite content to spend his time with his sturdy mistresses. When both his father and his cousin begin to pester the rakehell to fulfill his obligation to produce and heir, he balks at the idea of having to select his bride from the dainty debutantes of the Season. Thinking to eventually find a robust widow, he is not prepared for the campaign launched upon him by "Bill", a petite blonde vixen who already has more than enough young swains dancing to her tune; nor is be prepared for the raging desire and protectiveness she evokes in him.

     Lady Wilhemina Kirkpatrick, or Willy as her intimates call her, is enjoying her first Season and plans to find a suitable rogue to teach her the art of becoming a flirt. Once she sets eyes on Alexander Fitzhugh however, the headstrong young lady quickly decides the earl will be the perfect match for her. Undaunted by his surly behavior toward her, for she has seen the blatant passion burning in his eyes, she contrives to ensnare the acrimonious lord and everyone knows - what Willy wants, Willy gets!