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The Archery Contest

Excerpt Two

 “Blast it, Bill, you will stay clear of Cross! Do you hear me?”
“How can I help but hear you, Alex? You are shouting in my ear. Do stop now, I think you are distracting Lord Langley.” Willy waved to the viscount, who had turned to stare at his friend. “He will hush now! He has promised!”
“How many dozens of cards have you collected now? Three? Four?” Willy ignored his question while Whit shot his next arrow. It landed low. “Too bad, Lord Langley! What did you say, Alex? Oh, how many men have come calling for me thus far? Well, I haven’t been keeping track. Patty! Before you shoot, do you recall how many cards Mother said had been received as of this morning? Lord Stapleton is curious.” Patrick turned and grinned at his twin. “Why I do believe it was well over thirty-five to date. I can’t remember the exact number. Does that suffice, Stapleton?” He turned back to the mark and sighted his arrow. “I could send you a note later with the exact number, if you like, Alex. Is it so important to you?” Willy again applauded her brother’s aim as his arrow sunk in just outside the bull’s eye. “Excellent, brother! You shall have your decedent weekend, it seems!” The man beside her was looking thunderous, indeed.
A delicious shiver of excitement danced over her skin.

The Archery Contest

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The Archery Contest

Book #1 in the True To The Heart Series


     “I don’t bloody well know you, madam!”

     “Of course you don’t, my lord.” 

     He scowled at her ferociously, but she felt no fear. There was too much humor and warmth in his dark eyes for her to be afraid. Heavens, she could swear she saw actual intelligence there! He was even more handsome up close. He had a deep rich voice, almost a growl really. The sound of it made her skin tingle.

     Willy stopped when they reached a small alcove and sat down on the built-in bench. She patted the place beside her invitingly.

     “Do sit down, my lord, or I shall get quite a crick in my neck.” She smiled up at him expectantly and waited.

     He snorted, then sat beside her. “My thanks. Where is this father of yours who cannot wait to see me?”

     “Oh,” she waved her hand dismissively, “that was an excuse to rescue you.”